What is the topic? Think back to the three major genres covered this semester (fiction, poetry, and drama). Think of all the themes covered. Explain how each one of them fit into Randy Pausch’s message in (The Last Lecture).

– For instance, fiction could cover the art of storytelling. He learned that gift from his father.

– The poetry aspect could be a love letter to his wife and kids, which he talked about extensively in the book.

– Lastly, in terms of drama, it was a tragedy. He had to deal with his own hubris.

In other words, tie it all together. What is the purpose of literature? What is the purpose of life?

Please make sure your essay is three to four pages (750-1,000 words) and double-spaced. I want two-three credible sources. If you use Wikipedia, I will cry and lower your grade.
follow the format:
Fiction connection
Poetry connection
Drama connection
Answer what is the purpose of literature
Don’t forget your MLA in-text citations and WC page.