Prompt: Choose one of the options below:

A. You are a teacher at a daycare. Paragraph 1 – How would you assist a child with a genetic condition that increases the risk of obesity? How would you speak/listen to the parents? Paragraph 2 – Explain how you would coax a student to try different foods that are healthier than what they are consuming.

B. Gather nutritional information on various fast food restaurants. Paragraph 1 – Develop a meal from each restaurant. Compare and contrast the restaurant’s nutritional values (carbohydrates, calories, fat grams, etc . . .) Paragraph 2 – Explain which restaurant has the best nutritional value. Also, state which one is the worst in nutritional value.

Reply Prompt: In each of your responses, recommend an additional strategy that could be used in working with families to help meet the needs of their child. Include support from the class textbook, the Bible, and/or scholarly resources.