“This assignment is actually due 7/13/20 at 11:59pm.
This assignment will be graded with unicheck and checked for plagiarism.
€¢ Choose any ONE advertisement from any newspaper, magazine, or on the internet, ect. Select an advertisement that you believe uses sex, race, gender, family roles, nationality, or class (alone or in combination) and discuss how those characteristics are used in the ad.
€¢ After finding the article that you want to address and the concept/s (Masculinity, race, class, gentrification, ect) that you want to share, start thinking about these questions. Use these questions to begin writing your paper.
€¢ Detail specifically, thinking of the concepts of race, class, or gender, what your newspaper or magazine article is saying and how it is framing the point of the article? 
€¢Do you see the article framing race, class or gender in a positive or negative manner? How?
€¢Explain what chapter/topic from the textbook you chose to address (Race, class, gender, ect.) and address how it applies to your article?
€¢At what social group is the ad you chose aimed? What social groups are represented in the ad? (Hint: They are not always the same.)
€¢Does the advertisement reinforce or violate cultural norms? If it violates them, what purpose do you think the violation serves? (Hint: Consider humor, appealing to an often-ignored group, appealing to the idea of rebellion?
€¢Do you feel that this article/advertisement has any bias attached to it? How might it be biased? Why do you feel that way?
€¢In addition to the product, what else is the ad selling? (Hint: Consider things like love, marriage, sex, individuality, freedom, sophistication, leisure and other desirables.)
€¢Does your advertisement push or try to force ideals/ideas concerning social norms or redirecting these social norms? How?
Please attach the advertisement used for this essay aswell. 
Length requirement is 1-2 pages, minimum 1 page. 
MLA format.