This discussion board relates to this week’s learning objective: Examining health care and health care policy in America. Discussing the mental health care system in America. Reviewing substance abuse’s effect on society, the human body, human development, and relationships. Additionally, Social Work skills, values, and ethics will be discussed in regards to substance abuse, health care, and mental health care.

First Read the Harjo Case Study. Harjo Case Study Also read through the supplemental information on the city of Globe. Harjo Case Study-Globe Supplemental Information. Then address the following questions in your response:

How do you think Tony’s mental health needs have been addressed by the mental health care system so far? Is there an area where the mental health care system could have assisted him in a better way?
Discuss whether or not Tony is a part of an “at risk” population for substance abuse. If he is, what would your role be as a social worker? If he is not, how would you educate your client about dependency/addiction?
Discuss one ethical issue that would affect your client/case study based on the given information. (HINT: You need to reference the NASW Code of Ethics) How would you discuss the ethical issue with your client and keep your personal values in check?
What is one question that you have about your case study/client and its relation to this week’s module material? (from chapter 12 attached ebook)