“Discussion: Navigating GenreInstructions
For our first class-wide discussion, please read the essay “”Navigating Genres,”” (Links to an external site.) by Kerry Dirk, and post your responses to the discussion prompt before the deadline listed in the course calendar.
In a fully developed short essay (minimum of eight paragraphs in length), please answer all of the questions below and post your essay to the discussion forum. Your work should include an introduction, a body of supporting evidence (including citations, where appropriate), and a conclusion.
Remember that you are having a conversation with your peers in this particular genre of writing, so adopt an appropriate tone and vocabulary for an audience of contemporary college students. Please take time to edit your work for punctuation, usage, and clarity prior to submission.
Don’t forget to comment on the works of your peers in order to earn full credit for these discussions (and please include a salutation and a valediction in those interactions).
Questions for Analysis

What is Dirk saying about the nature of rhetorical genres? Cite the essay specifically in formulating your answer.
Which genres do you follow most closely? Using at least two different genres, cite some specific examples from these genres and comment on their rhetorical features. What are the hallmarks of these communication types?
What, in your view, are the important components of the advertising genre? What about the contemporary speech or verbal address?

Where applicable, feel free to use hyperlinks to connect your essay to a resource or two in support of your answers.