“Chapter 5: Strategies in Action

Chapter 6: Strategy Analysis and Choice

Q1.  Reflect on what you have read in the textbook from chapter 5 and 6 and then type a one and half page paper concerning the topics that you believed where worth your reading and understanding.  What was the most valuable thing that you learned and why? 

Q2. Go to the end of Chapter 5 and do Exercise 5B “”Should Coca-Cola, Build, Borrow, or Buy in2020 -2021?”” Steps 1, 2, and 3  (one and half page assignment).  (When accessing Coca-Cola’s website, you’ll have to click on “”Press Center,””.)  

Q3. Then go to the end of Chapter 6 and do Exercise 6A “”Perform a SWOT Analysis for Coca-Cola”” as an individual, one page assignment. 

Textbook attached.