The objective of this lab is to schedule operations and generate time-based control signals in an electronic system. For this purpose, the system clock will be utilized to generate a module that monitors time. While it is expected that an end product will be delivered on a micro-controller, the designer is asked to develop and test the software on a personal computer.

Assignment requirement
In order to do this assignment, you should have
• A C compiler with an IDE, either DevC++, or Visual Studio (preferably DevC++)

Here is what needs to be done
1 • Definition of the objectives, as well as functions, and constraints

2 • Software Design
– Show and describe a dataflow diagram.

3 • Program
– Functioning code in C, with adequate functions, variables, and comments.

4 • Embedded processor conceptual design
– Show and describe a circuit diagram of the processor with attached peripherals (LEDs and buttons)
– Register assignments to create a 1 msec clock.
– Explain the instructions in C to enable and disable a light on one PIN, while not affecting the other PINS.

5 • Format, including a title page, proper English, figures, introduction and conclusion

The below is for you to help you with using codes and examples, you can skip to instructions to seed what is the actual assignment is about.