The Rough Draft is the first step toward completing the Final Paper for this course. The work you already did on your Close Analysis is similar in style to the Rough Draft and Final Paper—that is, this is an analytical paper engaging one of the Primary works we’ve reviewed in class (one of the shows, movies, or a selection of music from the course). In this paper, you should develop a thesis statement, have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion (not a 5 paragraph essay though!). Rather than simply describing the work you are writing about, you should structure the paper around a specific set of claims that you want to construct an argument about. In the context of this class, your arguments should connect to themes about Pop Culture that we’ve discussed (what are the underlying values present in the work and how do you respond to them? Are you critical of the values? Should more Pop Culture work advance the values that you’ve found? Etc.). You can think of this assignment as having several components: 1.) You are to analyze the work while watching/ listening to it, remaining attentive to the values that the show is representing. 2.) Then, when writing, make a claim about that value and demonstrate to your reader how you’ve arrived at that conclusion. 3.) Evaluate the ethics of that value and its impact on the audience. Your argument should be about the kind of impact this piece of Pop Culture has or is trying to have. Many of you have already done some of this work on the discussion board, in Creative Reflections, and on the Close Analysis. The challenge here is to formalize those insights into a longer form essay (similar to the one’s we’ve read). Remember, it is not simply your opinion of what you analyze, but a structured argument about how the work constructs values and asks the audience to take a position on those values. For example, if your opinion is that The Office is a bad influence, you argument might be about the specific values that we are asked to tolerate or accept and how that produces/ reproduces a problematic worldview for the audience.Must Haves:1000 wordsMLA Format (Double spaced, 12pt font)An argument/ Thesis statementStrong Analysis/ supporting claimsSigns of revisionDue: Sunday July 19th at 11:59pm