Submit your research paper on one of the important figures from Native American oral traditions, as discussed in class: Coyote, Big Owl, or Grandmother Spider. The paper must be in APA format (cover page, running heads, page numbers, reference page). Use at least 8 sources. The word count must be at least 1,500. You may include the reference page in the word count.

Suggested Paper Format:

I. Introduction of Important Figure (Coyote, Big Owl, or Grandmother Spider)

II. Discussion of the Important Figure in the oral traditional tales. Discuss at least one oral traditional tale in which the Figure plays a prominent role.

III. Compare/Contrast your chosen Important Figure with one other Important Figure. How are the roles similar? How are they separate? Use oral traditions to prove your points.

IV. Legacy and the continued impact of the Important Figure through today. How has the Important Figure been used previously by Native American tribes of the Southwest? Look at the social, practical, and environmental importance of the Important Figure. How has the Important Figure made an impact in any of these areas?

V. Conclusion and Closing Comments.

You may use a variety of sources (You may use, for example, the sources posted in class regarding Coyote, Big Owl, and Grandmother Spider). However, this paper requires at least 4 journal articles in your references. Be sure to use the correct format for each source type. Do not use Wikipedia. The paper is worth 200 points and will be graded based on a rubric with 5 categories: Stimulating Ideas, Logical Organization, Appropriate Voice, Fluent sentences, and Correct, Accurate Copy. Minor mistakes in one category result in losing 4-10 points, moderate mistakes in one category result in losing 20 points, and excessive mistakes in one category result in losing 30 points.