The topic is renewable energy. You will develop your argument that either renewable energy will replace fossil fuel or it will not as the source of energy for American business. The time period is the future.

Here are the topics you should cover and feel free to add your own.

What is renewable energy (RE)
What are the types of RE
What are the advantages/disadvantages of RE
What is fossil fuel (FF)
What are the types of FF
What are the advantages/disadvantages of FF
How does the cost of RE compare to the cost of FF
Can RE provide for all our electric power needs – why or why not
Why are fossil fuels (oil) thought to be an existential threat to the planet & in your opinion is this statement correct? Why or why not
What would American businesses have to do to entirely use RE as the energy source
Now, after all of this, if you were the decision-maker what would you do
The paper should be a minimum of 15 pages, double spaced, Ariel or Times New Roman font, and 1″ margins. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be college-level. You can use the internet for your research and on the last page, you should show me the hyperlinks to the information you used.