Step #1: For each team member please rank the percent of contribution to the final project. The total contribution should add up to 100% and for a 5-person group, an equal contribution would be at 20% each. If you have given someone a particular low or high contribution, please explain why. For example-

Me: 20%
Rhonda Report: 30%
Stan Dupp: 20%
Rita Book: 15%
Dee End: 20%
Step #2: In a paragraph or two, please reflect on your group project experience. Consider the following questions when writing your response:

In what ways was the group more effective than an individual working alone would have been? If it was not, why?
If you could pick one person in the group to give a specific compliment about their work, who would it be and what would you say? Be specific.
How balanced do you feel the efforts of the group members were? Were there instances of slacking or not putting in the same effort as others? Be specific.
Was this group easier or harder to work with than groups you have worked with in the past? Why?
Was the group the right size for the task, or would it have been better larger/smaller?
What changes should I make to make it easier for groups to work effectively? What suggestions do you have for future projects like this one?