“there are 2 questions and each question answer should be 150-200 words and and cover all points answer should be from Video

APA FORMAT  size 12 double space 
Proper citation

Question 1a

Reflect on the video , €œAmerica€™s greatest speeches ,€ Write a brief Political Science summary , be sure to include the following questions:

Why political scientists argue that public speaking, speeches could be powerful to influence society as a whole?
Give 2-3 examples: discuss America€™s greatest speech

Question 1b 

Complete Discussion #1b– Please watch the following video documentary and answer the following questions:

Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich
1. Describe 3 determining factors impacting on country€™s wealth?2. What is the most interesting information you have acknowledged from thedocumentary?3. In your opinion, why do you think some countries are poor and others rich?