The word limit for your upload is 500 words – if your submission exceeds that word limit than you need to shorten it by inserting brackets like this one […] for everything you leave away. My apologies for underestimating your affinity for long poems smile
Secondly, please follow the steps.
a.: Click on either the “Hello Poetry” or the “Power Poetry” link here in this session and find a good poem.
b. Copy and paste your choice into a file on your computer.
c. Correctly cite the poem.
d. Write one sentence why you chose it.
e. Copy and paste all your text into this textbox on Moodle (mind the due date!).

The Basics of APA In-text Citations (6th Edition) | Scribbr ????
When writing an academic paper, you’re most likely asked to include in-text citations. This video will go through what to include in an APA in-text citation, where to place it in a sentence, and how to deal with missing information. Intro – 0:00 1. Basic components of an APA in-text citation – 0:37 2. Two ways to integrate an in-text citation …

These are the 2 links where you can choose any poem. You only have to do one.

‘Sexism’ poems – Hello Poetry
Sieg Heil the SSS! Sieg Heil Amerika! Amerika über alles! Wir lieben unsere Gewehren! Wir lieben unsere Götter! Wir lieben unsere Regierung! A bit of this is me playing Devil’s advocate, but at the same time I find that there is some innate truth to it.

sexism | Power Poetry
somewhere a little girl is scared because her (male) classmate hit her she told a teacher but, “Boys will be boys” Somewhere else a 10 year old girl cries