This must be well written, please follow all the instructions provided and read all the attachments. It will help you a lot.

Personal Philosophy and Vision Paper Assignment Instructions


Thinking and writing about how you will personally work on specific aspects of your character/virtues, ethics, and worldview is an important endeavor. It is much more important for your own development than for a grade. I encourage all students after the course has ended to update this paper for their personal growth. Over the years, I have had numerous students give thanks for the opportunity to do a paper like this. Most people have not. If properly done, with follow-through, this paper will have concrete practical applications in your professional field and personal life.


Please review the various module(s) information on character, virtues, ethics, and worldviews. Appropriate citations and references are required for this paper following APA format guidelines. Write out your personal character/virtues, ethics, and worldview philosophy or vision. In addition, develop an action plan on how you will implement your personal character/virtues, ethics, and worldview philosophy or vision.

For this paper, the following elements (paper requirements) shall be included:

a. Paper length 5 (minimum) full body pages. (does not include title page or reference page(s)); no abstract required. No penalty for going over 7 pages (recommended limit).

b. An introduction and conclusion are required.

c. Each major topic area (i.e., character/virtues, ethics, worldview) should be a minimum of one page each. Character/virtues are assumed to be one topic for this assignment due their inherent overlap discussed in the module(s).

d. The application section should be a minimum of two pages. Nevertheless, more than one page is likely needed.

e. The Bible and a total of five (5) sources or references are required. There must be at least one source for each area (i.e., character/virtues, ethics, and worldview). There should be two scholarly outside sources/references.

For this paper, the following content elements shall be included:

a. What virtues, ethical principles, precepts, and values will you focus on and why?

b. What are the key aspects of your ethics and your worldview?

c. Delineate how you will make ethical decisions (e.g., ethical reasoning process) while avoiding ethical rationalizations and deceptions of at least one other worldview besides a Judeo-Christian worldview (e.g., secular, Postmodern, Marxist, Islamic). If you do not espouse a Christian worldview, differentiate it from the worldview you do hold.

d. Key Bible verses, your personal testimony and/or faith journey should be weaved into this product and how this impacts your character, ethics, and worldview.

For the application section, the following content elements shall be included:

a. Include how you will develop in the aforementioned areas.

b. Include how you will hold yourself accountable.

c. Include how your virtues, ethical principles, precepts and values will be applied.

d. Besides Jesus, who is your role model and why is he/she important?

e. [Optional] You may also include a section on how your personal vision could impact your

leadership in a national security organization.