“For this assignment you will :

Read Controversy 1 in your textbook. 
Select a peer-reviewed journal article of your choice that details the findings of a study related to one of the nutrition topics we have covered.  You can obtain articles from other sources; however, you must be sure the journal article is peer-reviewed.
Once you have selected and read your article, you will then compose a 1-2 page critique (not a summary) of the article in a Word document.
Your critique will be graded on the following criteria:

Peer reviewed journal article details the findings of the study (8 points)
What the study was about (6 points)
Who conducted the study (6 points)
Where the study was conducted (6 points)
Findings of the study (6 Points)
Question(s) you have about the way the study was conducted (do you think it is valid?) (6 points)
Ways the study could have been improved (6 points).  
You must include a citation of the source of your article at the end of your critique (2 points). 
1-2 page, typed, double spaced critique (not a summary) of the article in a Word document (4 points)
TOTAL:  50 points possible