Historical Inquiry #1: Crusader Factions
This is a brief investigation into a very specific topic, this is not your research paper. Have some more fun with this one.  If you picked one of these for your large research paper then pick a different faction for this assignment.
You should use some of the sources I put on the list for research paper #2 as many are ebooks on these subjects. See attached, list of sources. 
Crusader Factions
Pick one of the following and write up a detailed description of them. This paper is more of informational background and less analysis though you may want to add that as well.
Islamic Factions:
Seljuk Turks (sub-empire of Abbasid Empire)
Abbasid Empire (Sunni)-during the Crusades
Fatimid Caliphate (Shia, Egypt)
Saladin (founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty)
Mamluks (slave warriors)
Assassins (Nizari Ismailis)
Christian Factions:
Byzantine Empire-during the Crusades
Kingdom of Jerusalem (maybe pick 1 of its kings)
Principality of Antioch
Knights Templars
Knights Hospitallers
Please follow the format:
Write 2-3 pages double spaced in 11-point font
Use 1-2 academic sources to back up your ideas and claims.
1-2 chapters of a book is fine but you could also use articles if you want.
(NO: textbooks, book reviews, encyclopedias, .com, political .orgs, or the like)
Use footnotes-Chicago Style Citation (See the historic methods module for help)
Have a bibliography at the end. (this does not count as one of the 2-3 pages)
Part 2
Crusader Factions
1. Name your Crusades Era faction
2. Give a brief background.
3. Tell us about a few interesting events or people involved with you faction.