Discussion 1

Submit the Milestone Two Worksheet, In this milestone, you will address the following:

Indicate sample size (n = ?) and describe what consequence(s) this sample size will have on your analyses and on your reporting of results.

Using the Choose Your Test document, select a statistical procedure appropriate to your scenario/data. Explain why you selected that test, linking features of the scenario/data to information from the Choose Your Test document.

Note: This milestone addresses Section II, parts A and B only. You will do the calculations for Section II parts C, D, E, and F as you complete your final project.

Discussion 2

Submit the Milestone Three Worksheet. In this milestone, you will address the following:

Indicate the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis.
State your understanding of what the hypotheses mean.

I must used the book as a reference because my professor say I need to add more academic information that shows your knowledge of the course materials

The book is Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life

Jeff Bennett, Bill Briggs, and Mario F. Triola

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