Marketing Services and the Customer Experience

Question 1: Report. Using services marketing theory/concepts, analyse and explain Chappell’s loss of customers. Recommendhow it might improve the customer experience and customer retention. Identify any potential challenges or risks associated with your recommendations.

Question 2: Critical reflection. Describe the nature and context of a service encounter (online, offline, or multi-channel) where you were the customer. Select and apply one services marketing framework/concept to analyse and evaluate the encounter. Identify strengths and limitations of your chosen framework/concept as a tool for analysing your encounter.

General Guidance

  • It is your decision as to what theories/frameworks/concepts to use in Question 1. Quality of application is more important than the quantity of frameworks applied.
  • Remember that the requirement in question 1 is to apply rather than describe theory. The requirement in question 2 is to apply and also critically evaluate (critique) theory.
  • You may use subheadings in your answers, but avoid excessive use of bullet points.
  • There is no need to reference the case study.
  • Evidence of relevant reading beyond the lecture slides, with appropriate application of this reading, will be rewarded. Besides textbooks, you may want to search for relevant articles from Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Service Research, or Service Industries Journal.
  • Include a title page, contents, and references. There is no need for an abstract or executive summary. Please number your pages.
  • For more guidance, see the assignment briefing video on Blackboard.

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