Go to https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html and click “I wish to proceed”
You will take 3 IAT tests. The first is the Race IAT (near the bottom of the page). After you finish the Race IAT, come back to this page and select two other IAT tests of your choice. Take tests where you think you might challenge your attitudes.
Before you take each test, predict how you think you will perform: for instance, with the “Race” IAT, predict whether you will have an automatic preference for black, white, or neither. After you finish, report your prediction, your results, and describe whether your results match your prediction or not, and why. Note: If you do not get results due to a problem with your responses, you must take the test again. Sometimes people get confused mid-test and it causes errors. This is okay, but you’ll have to start over. In order to get decent results you have to give the test your full attention.
Make sure to report your results, not just the population statistics. The IAT is an interesting test because many people are not aware of automatic prejudices.
Your writeup should be 2-3 pages double spaced, and contain the following:
For each of the three tests you took, write the name of the test, your prediction, your results, and your interpretation of your results (whether they match your prediction and why, what experiences you have had that might influence your attitudes, etc.)
Finally, include a summary paragraph that describes HOW the IAT test works (what are implicit attitudes, how are they measured, etc.), and explain whether you think your results on each test are a fair representation of your attitudes (be specific and use supporting evidence). Saying “I feel” is neither scientific nor accurate; if you want to criticize the test that’s fine, but be sure to find research evidence for these issues. Remember, implicit prejudice does not mean we are bad people; we may consciously treat people equally, but be unaware of unconscious attitudes. If you find yourself uncomfortable with this assignment, please see your professor by 4/26 for an alternative.