Prepare and write a summary on your topic that is 500-600 words long (the equivalent of two typed double-spaced content pages) summarizing and illustrating what you have found from research to be key points of interest to the class related to your topic. The goals of this assignment are to acquaint other class members with the primary ways in which your Gothic afterlife topic manifested itself in literature during the 18-19th centuries and in contemporary popular literature in the 20-21st centuries, and to familiarize class members with key written and visual texts related to your topic.
Format. Present your summary as Google Doc pages (2 content pages of text plus optional additional illustrations in an Appendix, plus a required Works Cited page). Share your document with “anyone at SNU who has the link” and submit the link to your Google document in the Canvas slot.
There are multiple tasks involved in summarizing your topic: 1. research > 2. synthesize > 3. summarize > 4. illustrate > 5. document.

1. Research your topic and document your sources. Start from the research prompts supplied on the sign-up sheet and then explore additional relevant information in these general online resources on the Gothic.

Your research should encompass relevant sources from both 18-19C primary texts and authors AND 20-21C popular culture. Devote about half of your content to the 18-19C texts and authors and the remaining half to popular culture.
Your research should be based on academically reputable sources: reference sources, books, articles from academic journals, university websites, etc. Research on popular culture will need to include additional types of site: film databases and reviews, fan websites, graphic novel and videogame web sources, etc. You must include a Works Cited list for the final paper that identifies the background information and other interpretations of the text that you consulted. Include all primary texts in your Works Cited. Your Works Cited should indicate the focus and scope of your research. Feel free to also include a Works Consulted page to better reflect the extent of your effort on the paper.
2. Synthesize the information. Boil it down to 7-10 key points that emerge across your research.

3. Summarize each key point into one paragraph. Discuss this key point and give examples.

4. At the top of your writeup include a thought-provoking visual. The purpose of the visual slides is to give a memorable illustration (“illustrate” in the broader abstract sense) that directly relate to and illuminate your discussion in the writeup.

5. Consider adding an optional appendix. If you have additional illustrations and/or video clips, put them in an Appendix page at the end of your writeup but before the Works Cited page.

6. Provide a required Works Cited page.