“1. The three paragraphs below are not in correct order. Re-type them, putting them in their correct order — from intro, to body, to conclusion:

Taking your job seriously doesnt mean you always have to be serious. Laugh, smile, joke, sing, play, surprise and share whenever you can. Make fun of your job €“ and you will reap the benefits.
According to a recent survey, fewer than 30 percent of U.S. employers encourage humor as part of their company culture (Davis & Choate, 2014). Yet research shows that employees who have fun at work are more creative, more productive, work better with others, and call in sick less often. In other words, a little silliness goes a long way toward making your workplace a better place to be.
There is no limit to the ways in which you can inject fun into the workplace. A lunchtime karaoke party takes little time or effort, but allows employees to literally vocalize their way to happiness. Taking the gang out bowling or to see a comedy after work builds camaraderie. Just sharing a good, clean joke at the beginning of a morning meeting can relax and invigorate the entire office (Davis & Choate, 2014).

2.Create a scratch outline of the body of any essay by listing three main points on the subject of How to Prepare for Vacation.Use either chronological order or emphatic order, so that your points flow logically.

3.Paraphrase the following paragraph, using your own words. Be sure to try to understand it as a whole, rather than pausing to write down specific ideas or phrases. It will help to look away from the paragraph, think about it, and then write. Be sure to utilize active verbs, descriptive adjectives, and complete sentences.

The ability to think critically is a vital skill. Critical thinking is the best way to solve problems, since it requires looking at an issue from several standpoints before reaching a final decision. Critical thinking allows an individual to reflect on an issue and decide what to do or believe. Critical thinkers must take the contexts of every situation into account and think on a multi-level platform in order to come to correct conclusions. Learning how to recite information from textbooks is not going to help a person achieve long-term success. Only when individuals are able to make educated choices on complex matters can they truly be considered intelligent and competent.

4. Summarize the article €œStudent Perceptions of Their Writing Skills: Myth and Reality,€ by Mark Simkin, Janna Crews and Mary Groves (Journal of Business & Management. 2012, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p81-95. 15p.), found in the Read section. Using your own words, paraphrase and shorten it into three paragraphs of 4 to 8 sentences each, with an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Add an in-text citation (Simkin, Crews, & Groves, 2012) after the first €œSays who?€ fact in each paragraph. To find the correct reference list, go to the Bethel Library at http://bethelu.libguides.com/cps. Search for the article by title. Once opened, look for the €œcite€ feature on the right-hand side of the page. Select the APA-formatted reference listing. Copy it, then paste it, using the center paste button (with the arrow), to the bottom of your essay.