“Chapter 8 introduces governance issues and potential areas in which blockchain technology can help empower citizens. 

Create a new thread, choose one area from the material in chapter 8 in which blockchain technology can enhance citizen engagement, and describe the current problem and how blockchain technology could resolve or improve the current situation. Write your discussion in a way that is accessible by all readers – regardless of their political beliefs. In other words, focus on blockchain, not politics. 

Note:- Proper introduction, which topic you are discussion and conclusion and 2 or more references including Text Book

Then think of three questions you€™d like to ask other students and add these to the end of your thread. The questions should be taken from material you read in Chapter 7, 8, or 9. You€™re not trying to test each other, but you are trying to start a discussion. 

Rebuilding Government and Democracy
Something Is Rotten in the State
High-Performance Government Services and Operations
Empowering People to Serve Selves and Others
The Second Era of Democracy
Blockchain Voting
Alternative Models of Politics and Justice
Engaging Citizens to Solve Big Problems
Wielding Tools of Twenty-first-Century Democracy