To begin the assignment, look at the following list of words. You will need to choose one of
them for your definition essay:
bravado trefoil nonagenarian raconteur
carcinogen fleur de lis malapropism vicissitude
narcissism hubris oxymoron talisman
caduceus hansom numismatics peccadillo
phlebotomist conestoga triskaidekaphobia augury
finial bandoleer polyglot cacophony
parsimony xenophobia adage neophyte
samovar kismet juju maelstrom
philatelist malediction legerdemain coulrophobia
termagant faux pas circumlocution curmudgeon
aspersion gourmand philanderer ornithologist
nepotism zeitgeist somnambulist gephyrophobia

Part A. Go to to complete this part of the assignment. Begin by looking up
your chosen word. Copy and paste the following information for the word:
1) The word
2) Its pronunciation
3) Its part of speech
4) Its word origin
5) All its definitions
6) Add the MLA 8 internal citation

Part B. Write an extended definition for the word using your skills of connotation. Write a two
full-page to three full pages definition of your chosen word. Don’t forget to give your writing
an original title. Your audience is your college English professor. You will turn in Parts A, B,
and C of your definition assignment with a page break between each page but all as one
You may describe, narrate, and/or illustrate the term. You do not have to use the word in your
definition paragraph. In fact, the reader should be able to figure out which word you have
chosen based upon the details you have provided; however, this is not a guessing game. The
reader should not be clueless about what word is being defined.

“Definition Essay:
1. Define the theme.
2. Provide explanation from an outside sources.
3. Introduce the theme.
4. Develop and discuss the them in the body paragraph(s).
5.  Find and provide several bright and sound examples which can interpret, and show the definition.