“Chapter 8

Should those accused of violent acts be subjected to preventive  detention instead of bail, even though they have not been convicted of a  crime? Is it fair to the victim to have the alleged attacker running  around loose?
Should criminal defendants be allowed to bargain for a reduced  sentence in exchange for a guilty plea? Should the victim always be  included in the plea bargaining process?
What purpose does a grand jury or preliminary hearing serve in  adjudicating felony offenses? Should one of these methods be abandoned,  and if so, which one?
Do criminal defendants enjoy too many rights a trial? Why or why not?
Should people be denied the right to serve as jurors without  explanation or cause? In other words, should the peremptory challenge be  maintained?
€œIn the adversary system of criminal justice, the burden of proof  in a criminal trial to show that the defendant is guilty beyond a  reasonable doubt is on the government.€ Explain the meaning of this  statement.