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Discussion-1 450  words (topic : Fileless malware ):

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Fileless malware is a type of malicious software that uses legitimate programs to infect a computer. Fileless malware exists only in memory, not in files, which makes it challenging for traditional antivirus products to detect. As a result, fileless attacks are much more likely to succeed than file-based attacks.
Answer the following question(s):

What do you suggest as a countermeasure to prevent fileless malware infections? Your solution can be technical or non-technical.

Discussion-2 450  words (topic : Security Policy Conformance ):

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An organization€™s security policy can be interpreted in a few ways. A strict security policy interpretation means that no security controls exist unless they are directed by the policy. A less strict interpretation allows IT security to exercise some discretion to implement best practices that may not be explicitly defined in the security policy.
Answer the following question(s):

In your opinion, does strict security policy interpretation provide better security than a less strict interpretation? Why or why not?

Two Assignments (  each one minimum 3 pages content):

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