“Leroy Gilbert
3:00 PM (3 hours ago)to me, Mark
Hello Ben,
Your first-week minor paper was relevant to the subject of a “”Theology for Senior Chaplains Leadership.””
Perhaps, you did not have the opportunity to purchase the books for the assigned readings the first week. I was looking for your input on the two texts reflected in your paper.

I would prefer to mark this paper incomplete to give you an opportunity to read the two texts for this week, and include ideas from them in your paper.
The two books are:
Ayers, Michale. “”Toward a Theology of Leadership.”” Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership 1, no. 1 (Fall 2006), 3-27.

Weems, Lovett H. Ten Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah.
What you wrote was good. We must have evidence that you read and understand the readings.
Dr. Gilbert