“This discussion is for an African-American studies class. Must be 1-2 pages, include APA in-text citation. I have included the link to the youtube video and attached the scholarly source, as well as the citations for each.

This week please review the material on the Harlem Renaissance and examine the political nature of the period. Now listen to KRS one (video here) and H.E.R. & YBN Cordae Perform an Eye Opening & Evocative “”Lord is Coming”” at the 2019 BET Awards (https://youtu.be/GipRLnGBfwI) and examine the political context of these contemporary artists. Using this material write a 250-word response (using at least 1 scholarly resource-That can be found in the library by searching art and music and social movements or hip-hop and social movements or the Harlem Renaissance) that discusses the role of cultural artists in social movements.

Cromartie, J. V. (2018). Black Social Movements Past and Present: A Comparative Analysis of the Black Arts Movement and the Hip Hop Movement. Journal of Pan African Studies, 11(6), 77.

[ERA VINIL 80’S Músicas, Vídeos, Lembranças]. (2019, August 11). KRS One Sound of da Police Official Video. [YouTube]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/BAgq1bDd_Lw