“Topic 1:
Phedre illustrates the attitude of men toward women in the Age of Reason and political Absolutism, in which men represent logic, order, and strength while women represent emotions, weakness, and disorder. Using evidence from the play, discuss how Racine€™s Phedre reinforces the stereotype of woman as a destructive force in nature, known as a femme fatale.

Topic 2:
Define €œBaroque€ and €œClassicism.€ Then, using these definitions, write a paper that contrasts the Baroque art of Bernini (e.g., €œEcstasy of St. Teresa,€ in The Making of the West) with the Classicism of Poussin (e.g., €œDiscovery of Achilles on Skyros,€ in The Making of the West). You might want to google other images by these artists to support your ideas.